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Best City To Raise A Family In Kansas

best school in kansas

Best City To Raise A Family In Kansas

What’s the best city to raise a family in Kansas? Harper County is one of the safest and friendliest places for kids to grow up in the state. Come visit us.

The small, peaceful towns of Anthony and Harper, KS have two elementary schools and share a high school called Chapparral High.

It’s considered by a lot of people to be the best city to raise kids because of things like safe summer nights where children can play outside in the yard until the streetlights come on and how the neighbors are friendly and you actually know who they are, and sometimes they bring you cookies or baked goods just because they can.

School District Mission Statement

Our teachers and students will be critical thinkers who makes use of the things they are passionate about. They will develop into confident, mature people who possess a high level of self-worth as well as a positive attitude toward all the challenges and successes that life brings.

Summer programs for kids out of someone’s back yard for arts and craft shows and it’s safe for kids to walk to school from almost any part of the city, and your neighbor comes out to help you when your car is broke down or you need a jump start.

Raising A Family, Why Small Towns Are Better

Sometimes the town of Anthony closes down main street and hosts town barn dances with live bands. There is also a lake in between Harper and Anthony, Kansas where boating and camping take place, all with upgraded, new facilities, walkways and playgrounds for kids. In the summer the kids can spend time at the local swimming pools or skate park or large playgrounds in town.

“As a mother of 7 kids, I wanted a good, safe place to raise a family. I moved to Anthony, KS in 1995 and have been living here since.” Cindy S.

37% Less City Crime Than The National Average

Based on information from City Data, big cities like Wichita, KS have a crime rate that is over 50% higher than the national average. The crime rate in Harper is 37% less than the national average, and much less for serious crimes.

You’re always hearing about some new singer or actress and the story of how they grew up in a small town or city. Raising your kid or family in a small town allows them to be kids more than they would in a bigger city, thus allowing more freedom of imagination and expression as they grow older.

Looking for a place to raise a family in Kansas? Come visit us!


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