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Best Elementary School In Kansas

best school in kansas

Best Elementary School In Kansas

Looking for one of the best elementary schools in Kansas? Harper County has some of the best elementary schools and
safest high schools in the state.

The quality of elementary education plays a crucial role in a child’s personal growth and development. With the help of
long-term staff members and teachers, the Anthony school district has been known to be called one of the best places to
raise children in Kansas.

Raising Kids In Harper County

There are three popular schools for kids in Harper County, namely –

  • Anthony Elementary School (kids aged from 6-13)
  • Harper Elementary School (kids aged from 6-13)
  • Chaparral High School (kids aged from 14-18)

Elementary School District Mission Statement

Our teachers and students will be critical thinkers who makes use of the things they are passionate about. They will
develop into confident, mature people who posess a high level of self-worth as well as a positive attitude toward all
the challenges and successes that life brings.

Words From The Harper County Superintendent

“The district finished a 6.5 million dollar building renovation project in 2009 that includes a new junior high wing,
storm shelter and administrative area at Harper Elementary. In Anthony Elementary, a new junior high science classroom
and storm shelter, along with renovations throughout the building. At Chaparral High School, renovations were done to
the Science and Family and Consumer Science departments, along with other site renovations.” – Josh Swartz

School District That Stays Up To Date With Technology

Even though it’s a small town that is 40 miles from any major city, elementary kids are still introduced and educated on
the best and latest technology trends.

“As the director of technology, my primary objective is to help improve student learning and achievement. I
believe this is possible by hiring excellent teachers, providing continuous high quality training opportunities,
retaining excellent faculty and staff, removing road blocks for teachers that prevent them from being successful in
the classroom, and by providing teachers and students with the best technology resources that are truly
transformational.” – John Stainbrook, Tech Director USD361

Looking for one of the best elementary schools for your kids in Kansas? Come visit Harpy County!

Come visit us.


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