Passivation Of Cylindrical Stainless Steel Tanks

At our passivation facility we can handle almost any size of cylindrical stainless steel tanks that need passivation or electropolishing. Most of the larger tanks are transported to us via semi, however we also have a mobile passivation unit and can come to you.

Yes, call us at 620-842-3701 or use our contact form for a […]

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What Is Passivation For Stainless Steel

Passivation is a process that provides a protective oxide layer on the surface of metal that resists oxygen, water, and other impurities of the air.

Passivation happens when stainless steel is put into a bath of nitric acid or citric acid. The chemicals leave the metal layer smooth with no microscopic openings for oxygen or water […]

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The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Passivation

Why Does Stainless Steel Rust & Corrode?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard asked, “If its ‘stainless’ why does it rust?”  While it is true that under many natural conditions stainless steel’s natural resistance protects it from rust some factors can still corrode and corrupt the material.

It is impossible – yes, impossible – […]

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