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F.A.Q. – Electropolishing For Goulds Pumps

Electropolishing For Goulds 3196 Pumps

goulds 3196 electropolishing

When the Goulds 3196 ANSI Standard Dimension Process Pump was first introduced in 1961, it immediately became the standard in the industry.  Today, the number of installations attest to its remarkable performance.  Celco has the same set of high quality standards as the makers of Goulds Pumps.

Are you able to electropolish casings, impellers and seal housings for Goulds 3196 pumps?

Celco Inc has been helping users in chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, primary metals, food & beverage and general industries that use the Goulds Model 3196 for many years.

We can electropolish the casings, tubes, impellers and seal housings for the pump if the pump parts are made of high nickel alloy or stainless steel.

You can have different lusters for different types of polish so we would need o know the type of finish you are after and whether you need a micro-inch finish on just the outside or the internal (inner) portion of the piece or both.

  • If it is 300 series, we could polish to a high bright passive finish.
  • If it is 400 series, we need to know the alloy type.

In order for an accurate quote, call us at (866) 806-2325 or use our electropolishing quote request form.

Below is the standard list of parts and alloy for the Gould’s 3196 pump.


3196 bulletin printers[1]-10


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