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How To Clean Pharmaceutical Process Tanks

How To Clean Pharmaceutical Process Tanks

The need for cleanliness in the pharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated. If process tanks are not cleaned properly, it can lead to cross contamination of products, reputation damaging, monetarily costly shutdowns, and even death.

Steps For Initial Cleaning

  • The first step is cleaning and decontaminating the process tank. This step rinses the surface from grease and other dirt.
  • The second step is electropolishing. Electropolishing dips the tank in a chemical mixture and during the chemical bath an electrical current is added. This allows the surface to be smoothed and impurities such as iron can be removed. As well as removing iron, all microscopic scratches where pollutants can live are removed.

Subsequent Cleanings Will Not Have To Be As Involved

If the first cleaning is done properly with electropolishing, the next cleanings can be done with less time and effort. Those cleanings only need to be done with sanitizer and hot water. This will save your company manpower, sanitizer, and time. Otherwise there is a risk that particles that are being manufactured will be trapped in the imperfections of the surface and can lead to the consequences listed above.

Make Sure Your Pharmaceutical Tanks Are Cleaned Right The First Time

The trained professionals at Celco can make sure your tanks are cleaned properly. Contact Celco to save time, money, and your reputation today.


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