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What Is Metal Finishing

What Is Metal Finishing?

Metal finishing changes the surface of metals to be able to resist corrosion by rusting. The damage to metals can come through normal wear and tear, chemicals, and air pollutants.

The Steps Of Metal Finishing

  • Degreasing. This step removes the grease that is left when the metal is manufactured.
  • Cleaning. The second step cleans dirt and other impurities that are found on the surface of the metal to prepare the metal to be able to be receptive to step three.
  • Metal finishing process. There are several choices for metal finishing that can be used to change the surface of the metal so it will be able to resist damage.

Different Types of Metal Finishing

  • This process sends an electric current through liquid with metal ions from the metal being treated. This allows the metal ions to adhere to the metal that is being treated to provide a protective layer. No chemicals are used.
  • Electro less. This choice uses chemicals for the protective layer without the use of electricity to create the layer.
  • This process uses chemicals and electricity to treat the surface.

Benefits Of Metal Finishing Process

  • Increase the life expectancy of the metal products.
  • Increase resistance to corrosion and rusting
  • Increase the durability of the metal

Contact CELCO For Your Metal Finishing Needs

Celco has trained professions that are able to assist you in deciding which form of metal finishing will work best for your metal needs. Contact Celco today!


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