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Electropolishing is an advanced industrial metal finishing process also known as electrochemical or electrolytic polishing, sometimes also mispelled as electro polishing.

Passivation / Dirunuetra

Need pickling/passivation services? We use the most advanced technology to lift imperfections out of metal surfaces when electropolishing fails. Read about Passivation with Dirunuetra.

Oxygen Cleaning

Oxygen service requires detailed cleaning & decontamination for safe, quality oxygen delivery. Celco offers a meticulous cleaning service for oxygen parts.

Aqueous Cleaning & Degreasing

Aqueous cleaning and degreasing uses water-based cleaning solutions that safely & gently lift grease and other residues off a metal surface. Call for quote.

Mechanical Finishing

Celco offers detailed, high quality mechanical finishing services – polishing and/or buffing – for a variety of industrial parts and components.

Mobile Services

One of the few companies in the USA that offers professional passivation and precision oxygen cleaning service on-site via our mobile servicing unit.