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Electropolishing is an advanced industrial metal finishing process also known as electrochemical or electrolytic polishing, sometimes also mispelled as electro polishing.Learn More
Looking for pickling or passivation services? We use the most advanced technology to lift imperfections out of metal surfaces when electropolishing fails.Learn More
Oxygen service requires detailed cleaning & decontamination for safe, quality oxygen delivery. Celco offers a meticulous cleaning service for oxygen parts.Learn More
Aqueous cleaning and degreasing uses water-based cleaning solutions that safely & gently lift grease and other residues off a metal surface. Call for quote.Learn More
Celco offers detailed, high quality mechanical finishing services – polishing and/or buffing – for a variety of industrial parts and components.Learn More
One of the few companies in the USA that offers professional passivation and precision oxygen cleaning service on-site via our mobile servicing unit.Learn More
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Electropolishing For Metal Alloys & Stainless Steel

Electropolishing is an advanced industrial metal finishing process also known as electro-chemical or electrolytic polishing that is used as an alternative to abrasive polishing methods. It has the benefit of often being less time consuming and more thorough than conventional mechanical finishing. Most of our staff at Celco have been working here for over 20 years, our staff has a passion and trained skill for quality work and we’ve been in business doing electropolishing for over 30 years.

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