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Electropolishing For The Automotive Industry

Detail and quality are the two most important aspects of any automotive part. Customers both expect and deserve the highest levels of both, and only a professional electropolishing service can achieve these levels for auto manufacturers.

The most noticeable benefit of electropolishing service is the glorious, mirror-like finish it can impart to stainless steel automotive parts. But electropolishing can also improve the performance and life span of parts from the automotive industry as well.

The Lustrous Finish Of Electropolishing Service

A clean, smooth, uniform finish that reflects like a mirror is what you can expect from electropolished automotive parts. This is the first thing that auto manufacturers notice when they’ve used a good, professional electropolishing service.

We all know that a new, shiny part is absolutely irresistible to car enthusiasts everywhere. The simple shine granted from an electropolishing service can increase the value and salability of almost any auto part. A perfect, lustrous finish is one of the first indicators in the eyes of a potential customer of quality.

Electropolishing Service Benefits For Exterior Components

Weather, rain, mud, de-icing salt – these things can quickly destroy the new look of a car. Rims, runners, grills, and exhaust components are exposed to the elements more than any other part on a car. As such, they are very susceptible to rust and corrosion. There’s nothing more heartbreaking to a car owner than watching the shiny bits of a new car decay.

A professional electropolishing service not only provides a smooth finish to exterior parts, making them easier to clean, it helps to control and reduce the onset of rust and corrosion by eliminating imperfection is a part’s metal surface.

Electropolishing Service Benefits For Interior Components

Other than the same easily cleaned, corrosion resistant finish that an electropolishing service can provide exterior parts, increased performance is also achievable through electropolishing.

Many imperfections can be left on the surface of an automotive part during the manufacturing process, causing decreased performance and a shorter life span. These include:

  • Burrs
  • Shavings
  • Weld Slag
  • Peaks & Valleys
  • Organic, Inorganic, & Chemical Contaminants

The electropolishing process effectively lifts and scrubs these and other imperfections away. And amazingly, does so without altering the dimensions of the part.

What’s left after the electropolishing service is a clean, shiny, smooth part with reduced friction, increased corrosion resistance that can still create a tight seal where needed. Pistons and cylinders can reap these benefits especially.

Learn More About CELCO’s Electropolishing Service

Central Electropolishing Company’s electropolishing service is one of the oldest and most experienced in the entire world. If you would like to learn more about how our valuable electropolishing service can benefit your manufacturing plant, contact us today.