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High Vacuum Electropolishing

What Is Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Electropolishing?

High vacuum systems benefit from electropolishing by completely eliminating obstruct surface gases which can reduce down times for pumps, the cost of the electropolishing service is worth it for the amount of down time it saves in process.

Should Vacuum Tubes & Chambers Be Electropolished?

The short answer is yes, from a corrosion point of view, a small of amount of corrosion in what should be a passive environment can greatly ruin productivity results. All surfaces, no matter what the material, outgas under a vacuum.

Electropolishing and passivation can help by significantly decreasing or eliminating out-gassing on stainless steel metal surfaces, which significantly increases productivity.

Stainless steel used in high vacuum pressures can have small amounts of corrosion caused hydrogen and carbon monoxide which can be electropolishing followed by passivation to produce and ultra high purity steel.

Vacuuming the Inner & Outer Tubing

Most electropolishing companies will electropolish the outer tubing layer instead of the inside, polishing the inside of the tubing takes a special manual effort that normal high output automatic electropolishing companies cannot or won’t do because it takes more attention to detail and manual effort, reducing profit.

Celco believes in delivering a full service without cutting corners, quality assurance teams and engineers love us.

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