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Mobile Passivation

Mobile Passivation & Oxygen Cleaning Service

celco inc electropolishing buildingCentral Electropolishing Company offers our professional passivation and precision oxygen cleaning service on-site via our mobile servicing unit.

Systems that are already in places – i.e. components that can simply not be shipped out for servicing – can still take advantage of our acclaimed services.

If you can’t deliver your parts to us, we can bring our knowledge and experience to you.

Applications Of Our Mobile Servicing There are any number of reasons that clients choose our mobile service over shipping to our facility. Some of these reasons are:

  • Components are too large or heavy to ship economically.
  • Components are too valuable to ship.
  • Components cannot be spared for often extensive shipping times.
  • Fixtures or vessels are permanently placed and cannot be moved.
  • Discomfort with moving components out-of-house for financial or security reasons.

Whatever the reason, Celco is happy to oblige our clients. Our mobile servicing unit is always ready to come to you.

We Travel Around The World Our mobile services team is always primed and ready to take any project by the horns. Including highly experienced passivation and oxygen cleaning experts, we are capable of servicing almost any system directly and completely in the timeliest manner possible – with results that are guaranteed not to disappoint.

Contact us today or click below for more information about how our mobile services can benefit you.

Before Passivation

before passivation before passivation 1

After Passivation

after passivation after passivation 1