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Consulting & Project Management

Central Electropolishing Company’s Consulting Program

celco consulting programCentral Electropolishing Company is proud to be one of the nation’s leaders in the passivation and electropolishing service industry. However, we understand that many production facilities have their own passivation and electropolishing services in-house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of our decades of knowledge and experience.

Central Electropolishing Company is always ready to lend a hand to help manufacturers review, maintain, and improve their on-site passivation and electropolishing services.

We have hundreds of successful projects and satisfied customers behind us, and our expert technicians can offer an industry edge in installing, managing, and maximizing the efficiency of any finishing program.

From specialized tooling to automated systems, we’re ready and willing to share our success with you.

Central Electropolishing Company’s Project Management

celco consulting programFrom the drawing board to the finished project, Central Electropolishing Company has the capability and resources to manage your project.

Quality is always our top priority. Our highly trained staff of machinists, welders, and finishing technicians will do whatever it takes to ensure that your projects stay on schedule and exceeds the standards of your industry.

With decades of experience, Central Electropolishing Company are some of the most qualified project managers on the planet.

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