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Meet Our Team

Central Electropolishing Company has a dedicated and highly productive team of employees that strive every day to push
the limits of quality, safety, and continuous improvement. Combined with the strong leadership of our management and
staff, Central Electropolishing Company is a close-knit crew that is always prepared to offer the best passivation and
electropolishing services available to our customers and clients.

Ken Bellesine – CEO

Ken Bellesine had a vision that he and his wife, Joyce, made a reality in 1986 – CELCO.

Today, Ken still plays an active role in the company with many administrative duties including personal relations, customer service, and furnishing quotes for CELCO’s electropolishing, passivation, and oxygen cleaning services.

Ken is also a great teacher who loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others – especially his employees to whom he has taught much over the years.

Ken is well known for being very personable and working on several local boards to better his community. In his spare time he can often be found  camping in his RV and fishing.

Steve Bellesine – President of Operations

Steve loves a challenge, and his determination only grows as a job becomes more complex. Being a “hand-on kind of guy,” he is very at home on the factory floor, where he acts as CELCO’s Safety Program Chairperson. Steve also spends a grea deal of his time consulting with clients and preparing quotes for CELCO’s electropolishing, passivation, and oxygen cleaning services.

If he isn’t in the office or on the floor, you’ll probably find Steve hunting, fishing, or playing golf.

Randy Moore – Vice President of Operations / Quality Manager

Randy has worn a lot of hats since he began working with CELCO on October 30th, 1989 – and he has become a diverse and invaluable member of our team.

Randy oversees the operations and quality control in all of our facilities, including our state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility. He also helps to develop new tools for our electropolishing tasks and helps to create quotes for newelectropolishing and passivation projects.

Randy’s impressive experience and expertise is always sure to provide the best process (and best results) for any project.

Brandon Bellesine –VP OSHA/Sales

Brandon joined CELCO in the summer of 2013. He was not totally new to the business as he grew up working his summers putting time in the shop over school breaks. Brandon is the Son of CELCO President Steve Bellesine , and prior to CELCO taught Welding and Auto Technology at the High School level for 10 years.

Brandon is very thorough in following his various projects and you can be assured that your satisfaction is his highest priority. Brandon also heads up the Safety program for CELCO. With his teaching background and analytical approach, he was the perfect answer to keep CELCO always moving forward with safety.

Brandon and his wife Kristin are very involved with activities with Church and their 2 kid’s activities, but he als enjoys Shooting Sports and Firearms.

Vincent Davis – Plant Manager

Vincent has been with the company since August of 1995, and has become an excellent plant manager. His main focus is the electropolishing shop, which employs most of our employees and handles the vast majority of small and medium-sized parts.

Notorious for getting the job done (even if he has to work nights and weekends), Vincent never makes excuses while working side-by-side with his technicians. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his products are completed on-time and above standards.

When not working in the shop Vincent loves spending quality time with Darlene, his wife and best friend, and their children.

Linton Hoover – Receiving / Quality Control

Linton has been with CELCO since May of 2006 and is currently in charge of receiving all packages and shipments. Linton acts as an important gateway for CELCO’s quality control department – inspecting all incoming parts as they arrive for damage or missing pieces. Many of our parts have tolerances or roughness averages that must be met and maintained, which Linton ensures with a surface pre-check.

After the parts are processed, Linton also performs a surface post-check before parts are sent to shipping for final inspection. Conscientious and meticulous, Linton ensures that CELCO’s customers can take comfort in the knowledge that their project is being monitored closely.

Verena Bellesine – Accounting / Customer Service

Verena has been working with CELCO since July of 2001 and has become a versatile and valuable team member. Her responsibilities include general accounting, collections, human resources, customer relations, and coordinating

All of these responsibilities notwithstanding, Verena always manages a smile and projects a positive attitude – be it in person or over the phone.

Gary Jacobs – Manager, Oxygen Cleaning Service

Gary joined the CELCO team in the spring of 2016. As the Manager for the oxygen cleaning service shop (Midwest), Gary does the sales quotes and facilities in the office and in the shop as needed. He brings a diverse set of skills to the company as his background is in project management as well as some advanced computer skills.

With experience in finance and an MBA from Pittsburg State University he can also lend a hand in the office with administrative tasks. In his spare time you will probably find him on the golf course or doing projects around the house out at the lake.

Kathy Ryberg – Shipping Supervisor

Kathy joined the team in August of 1996 and brings years of experience and a perfectionist quality to our shipping department. She is also a key leader in on CELCO’s quality control team, performing the final inspection and packaging of most outbound parts. Her painstaking packaging procedures ensure that all parts are adequately protected for the ride home.

Kathy’s control and experience ensures that all her shipments will arrive on time and in the right place. And don’t hesitate to call the office and ask for her – her knowledge of the shipping system may well save you a bundle of money and time.

Gina Shellhammer – Project Coordinator

Since January of 1996, Gina has been keeping track of all current CELCO projects. As if managing all of CELCO’s work orders – including translating customer purchase orders into work orders so our technicians can do their job efficiently – isn’t enough, Gina also heads up the billing department and works closely with payroll and customer relations.

Larry Brubaker- CELCO Maintenance

Larry came to work for CELCO in January of 2014 as the head maintenance manager for the plant . CELCO consists of 8 separate plants and various processes, so it keeps him running to keep everyone else up and “running”.

Larry assists on onsite projects when needed as well and his technical and general knowledge make him a great asset to the company as a whole. In his spare time Larry spends time with family.

Branson Deen – Passivation Facility Supervisor

Branson joined the CELCO team in 2007. Another 3rd generation family member, Branson is the Grandson of Ken Bellesine and Nephew of Steve Bellesine.

Branson served our country with two tours in Iraq, before being honorably discharged and coming to work at CELCO. Branson’s team processes the largest units that we receive and pays particular attention to the quality and on-time delivery of each order. Branson’s friendly personality and work ethic wins many clients over and there is just about nothing he and his team won’t do to make sure your parts meet or exceed your expectations.

In his off time, you’ll find him fishing, camping, grilling, or just spending time with his family with their various activities.

aaron mccammonAaron McCammon – Passivation Assistant Supervisor

In September of 2010 Aaron came to work at CELCO and has since proven that he is the person that can get things done. Aaron is CELCO’s road warrior. He travels around the country doing onsite passivation and cleaning for Oxygen Service when he’s not helping Branson in the Passivation shop.

Call us up for an onsite job and you just might get to see Aaron’s smiling face in person! When asked what he does in his spare time, Aaron replied, “Work!”.

Kathy ShermanKathy Sherman – Midwest (O2) Shop Supervisor

Kathy came to CELCO in May of 2006. She has seen a lot of parts come through the Midwest shop, where parts go that need cleaned for Oxygen Service and also some electropolishing of smaller parts that can run through CELCO’s automated EP machine.

Kathy makes sure things run smoothly and parts make it out the door clean, properly packaged and on time…every time! When she’s not running the Midwest Shop, Kathy likes to go “junking” and spending time with her grandkids.