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Celco Spring Newsletter

Celco Inc. Spring 2018 Newsletter

Brandon Bellesine, VP of Compliance at CELCO has been participating in a local manufactures’ group over the past couple of years. One thing that they, as a group, have decided is that local students need to be educated as to these businesses so they can begin to prepare for a possible job in this area later in life should they so choose.

Working with the Coordinator of the Harper County Transition to Career (T2C) Program and local schools, students toured various facilities to learn more about the businesses and what types of skills are needed to gain employment in the manufacturing industry. As a company that was “born, raised and grown” in Harper County, we understand the need to cultivate our young people and let them know that there are good jobs available in their small rural town, and what it would take for them to enter and grow within these companies.

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