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Celco Inc. August Newsletter

Celco Inc. August Newsletter – Electropolishing as an Artistic Medium

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Verena who has a real eye for interior decoration and artistic expressions, could not help but notice the art displayed outside the studio while passing through Kechi on other business. Steve and Verena were naturally drawn to stop for a visit. They were both thoroughly impressed by the work-manship and quality of Rollin’s art.

“ Art does not constitute a significant cross section of the work we service at CELCO, but we find it fun to work with and rewarding to be able to enjoy the appearance of the finished art piece knowing that we had the privilege of contributing to it.”

Steve left the studio that day with a real impression that he should contact the owner later on as he saw great potential for the cosmetic benefits of electropolishing as a finish medium for some of the metal art. Steve took special note of some large stainless steel art structures in front of the studio that he knew would not only be improved in appearance by electropolishing, but would also be made to retain a quality finish for the long haul, Ironically, only days later, despite the fact that Steve had yet to make contact with Karg Art Glass, Rollin himself pulled up to the front door of CELCO. Rollin had apparently heard of CELCO by word of mouth and had also pondered the possibilities offered by this process for stainless steel.

CELCO has had the privilege to work with Rollin on several projects since that time and even has one of his art pieces hanging in the CELCO front office (bottom right corner).  Most people who comment on the piece marvel at the details of the glass work. Steve and Verena have so enjoyed the work performed at Karg Art Glass that several pieces of Karg Art can be found as part

of the interior decorations of their personal home. CELCO is excited to be a part of spe-cial projects such as these and is finding more opportunities in the artistic community to contribute on a larger scale all across the nation.

Download The August Celco Inc Newsletter Here


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