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Industry – Medical Device

Passivation For The Medical Industry

There are few other industries where cleanliness and purity are so important than that of the medical industry. Impurities can cost reputations, and potentially, lives. Passivation in the medical industry makes sure that this does’t happen.

Passivation is a powerful chemical process that not only cleans stainless steel tools for the medical industry, but helps to protect against rust and corrosion. By removing minute pollutants in the surface of the metal and chemically increasing the rust resistance of stainless steel, passivation plays a vital role in the manufacture of medical tools and equipment.

Benefits For Medical Device Cleaning & Processing

Passivation can benefit the medical industry in a number of ways, including:

  • Increased Cleanliness – The cleanness of the medical instruments is improved by the removal of pollutants. It is hard to think of an industry in which we place more trust in cleanliness and safety. Passivation removes surface burrs and leaves the surface of the instrument smooth, bright, shiny, and easier to clean.
  • Decreased Contamination – Medical instruments come into contact with fluids and microorganisms that could have devastating consequences if spread to the next patient. Passivation creates a smooth surface that is less likely to hold contaminates and can be more completely sterilized.
  • Increased Life Of Medical Instruments – Passivation increases the durability of metal instruments so they last longer and do not have to be replaced as often. The extra layer of protection provided by passivation protects against rust and corrosion for years longer than an un-passivated instrument.

These benefits and many more are made possible by a small investment in the safety and protection of medical equipment and tools through passivation.

CELCO’s Medical Industry Passivation Service

America places a lot of trust in the medical industry, and we want to help you keep that trust. CELCO is known throughout the medical industry for our incredible customer service, quick turnaround times, and most importantly, our attention to quality and detail.

Contact CELCO today to ensure that your medical instruments and equipment exceed the highest standards in the medical industry.