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Water Treatment

Passivation For Water Treatment & Distribution

The major component in the formation of rust and corrosion is exposure to water. Obviously, the pipes, tanks, and other metal components used in water treatment and distribution are exposed to water on a massive and continuous level. This makes rust the number-one enemy of the entire industry.

Luckily, passivation can help in that fight by offering two levels of protection against the development of rust and the subsequent corrosion that can lead to costly repairs and possibly a public health fiasco.

Passivation removes minuscule pollutants such as free iron that can accumulate on the surface and surface imperfections like pits, hills, and valleys. All of these things provide a perfect foothold for rust to form, and their removal equals a greater lifespan for metal components like pipes and holding tanks.

The second level of protection is a passive oxide layer that helps protect against future rusting from water and airborne pollutants. Though some metals, such as stainless steel, has a natural oxide layer it is fragile and prone to quick deterioration. Passivation creates a thicker, more resilient oxide layer that can help add years to the life of metal components.

What Can Passivation To For Water Treatment & Distribution Industries?

The benefits of passivation can be found throughout any industry that utilizes metal parts. Specific benefits for the water treatment and distribution industry include:

  • Treating and delivering pure water with no contamination. The cleaning and passivation process delete the impurities that can be left over from the manufacturing process so you do not have to worry about the impurities being deposited into the water that your company is treating. It also prevents future rusting that can leave pollutants in the water.
  • Protecting your investments. Your company makes a significant monetary investment in your equipment and it is imperative that you receive a return on that commitment. Passivation strengthens and protects metals to make sure that your equipment will be working long after the expected life of your machines.
  • Protecting your company. Once the rusting process has started the only way to stop it is passivation. By doing the passivation up front, this will save your company from costly upkeeps and shut downs.
  • Protecting your reputation. News of contamination can really damage the public’s trust, and once lost, it can take a lot of time to gain back.

Who Can Perform Passivation On My Parts?

Contact a leader in the industry that can guarantee to provide you will all of the benefits listed above while providing world class customer service. Contact our friendly representatives at Central Electropolishing Company today.