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Passivation For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Passivation can be advantageous for all metals. The passivation process chemically bathes metals to remove impurities left behind from the manufacturing of the instrument and provides a protective oxide layer to make sure that no future impurities are able to mar your metal, most commonly, in the form of rusting.

Rusting happens when there is no oxide film to allow oxygen on the surface of the metal. This comes from the initial welding and manufacturing of the items as well as simple use and handling of them.

Is Passivation Right For Your Company?

In a word; absolutely!

Here are the reasons that your company should consider passivation:

  • Decrease the threat of cross contamination. Cross contamination is a real threat for any laboratory, but in the pharmaceutical industry cross contamination could be deadly. Passivation decreases this threat by protecting your equipment from microscopic impurities carried in nicks on the metal by providing a clean and smooth surface for your metal that is easier to sterilize.
  • Increase the cleanliness of your equipment. Passivation provides a smoother surface which is easier to clean and carries less risk of contamination by foreign material.
  • Increase the durability and life expectancy of your equipment. The equipment in the laboratory represents a significant investment on the part of the company. Passivation increases the strength of the metal and helps the equipment meet its life expectancy and in many cases even exceed it.
  • Protect the reputation of your company. Billions of dollars are invested in developing new pharmaceuticals, and contamination can diminish your reputation in the most embarrassing of ways. Passivation saves your reputation by protecting the cleanliness of your equipment and stopping cross contamination.

These and many other benefits come from the decreased chance of rust and corrosion that passivation imparts on metal tools and components.

Gain The Best Advantages Of Passivation

Contact a team that is qualified and experienced in both citric acid and nitric acid passivation for the pharmaceutical industry. CELCO is available and eager to make sure you reap the rewards of passivation to protect your company and equipment. Contact us today!