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On-site Service

Mobile Passivation & Oxygen Cleaning Service

oxygen cleaning passivationCentral Electropolishing Company offers our professional passivation and precision oxygen cleaning service on-site via our mobile servicing unit.

We are one of the few passivation companies in the nation providing on-site passivation.

Systems that are already in places – i.e. components that can simply not be shipped out for servicing can still take advantage of our acclaimed services.

If you can’t bring your parts to us, we can bring our knowledge and experience to you.

Applications Of Our Mobile Servicing

There is any number of reasons that clients choose our mobile service over shipping to our facility. Some of these
reasons are…

  • Components are too large or heavy to ship economically.
  • Components are too valuable to ship.
  • Components cannot be spared for often extensive shipping times.
  • Fixtures or vessels are permanently placed and cannot be moved.
  • Discomfort with moving components out-of-house for financial or security reasons.

Whatever the reason, Celco is happy to oblige our clients, and our mobile servicing unit is always ready to come to you.

We Travel Around The World

mobile passivationOur mobile services team is always primed and ready to take any project by the horns. Including highly experienced passivation and oxygen cleaning experts.

We are capable of servicing almost any system directly and completely in the timeliest manner possible – with results that are guaranteed not to disappoint. Some of our most frequently visited locations are Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Tulsa, Wichita and Kansas City areas.

Contact us today or use our contact page for more information
about how our on-site mobile services can benefit you.

What Timeframes Can I Expect For Work To Be Done?

It greatly depends on…

  • How many pieces there are
  • What size they are
  • And if we are just passivating the outer or inner or both sides of the piece

What If I Need Rush Delivery?

  • Normal turnaround depends of size, quantity, shape, inner/outer and finish-type
  • If you need a turnaround of 3-5 days, we charge about 30% more than the quoted price.
  • If it is 24 hours turn-around we normally charge about 50% more than the quoted price.

Why the extra fee? Because we have to pull an extra crew and/or pull people off of another job.

Can I Mail My Metal Pieces, Parts & Tubes To Celco?

Yes. We do most orders via mail.  FOB shipping to Anthony, KS, call for a custom quote.  In many cases it may be less expensive to outsource to us than to do it yourself or hire a local electropolishing company.

Will Celco Come To Me To Perform The Electropolishing Service?

Yes, call us at 620-842-3701 or use our contact form for a consultation of your specifications.