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Top Rate Electropolishing & Passivation Service For Albuquerque, NM

We provide a solution that beats standard metal finishing, instead we use a chemical bath to electropolish metal parts so they last longer and meet quality assurance standards longer. This process is smoother, more precise and involves less long term risk of contamination or breakdown than standard plating or metal finishing.

From the City Website… In 2010 Site Selection magazine ranked Albuquerque second in Metro Economic Growth Potential. In 2008 Cybercities ranked the city 10th in high-tech employment per capita.

Albuquerque has all the elements necessary for successful tech clusters: research centers, an environment of innovation, low cost of doing business, a sizable population of scientists and engineers, low utility rates, venture capital, support networks, and a quality of life that’s attractive to innovators.

Electropolishing For Aerospace Industry

Albuquerque’s aerospace segment includes more than 100 entities.

Albuquerque has both a decades-old aerospace industry and a growing new aviation cluster. The aerospace segment includes more than 100 companies with roots in the earliest operations of Kirtland Air Force Base and the nation’s space program. They continue to serve Kirtland in Albuquerque and White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico. Aviation is an exciting new segment anchored by Eclipse Aerospace.

Major Aviation & Aerospace Players In Albuquerque

  • Lockheed Martin Corp., which manages Sandia National Laboratories for the Department of Energy.
  • Honeywell Aerospace, which develops and manufactures cockpit avionics and control systems for military aircraft and vehicles.
  • Boeing, which in 2000 acquired SVS Inc., a local optics company, and has expanded the operation significantly.
  • Goodrich Corp. Space Flight Systems Division, which manufactures systems and components for space launch vehicles and satellites.
  • Northrop Grumman Information Technology, which designs and develops high-energy lasers and large optical systems

Albuquerque, NM is home to many industrial and manufacturing facilities that use machine parts for their day to day

Note: Our premium passivation and electropolishing company is located in Kansas due to the ease of delivering and receiving stainless steel metal pieces from all around the country. Most companies mail or deliver by semi… parts, pieces and/or tanks to us for electropolishing and passivation. We also have a mobile passivation that drives to your location which covers a service area from coast to coast. Get a quote from us before going local.

Some Of The Industries We Service In Albuquerque, NM

  • Semiconductor Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • Ultra High Purity Facilities
  • Dental Industry & More

Premium Passivation & Electropolishing Systems

Our cutting-edge services are perfect for a wide variety of applications, products, and industries.

These include:

  • Semi-Conductors
  • Filter Housings
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • Springs
  • Stamping
  • Vacuum Components
  • Vessels
  • Frame Structures
  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Filter Housings
  • Water Treatment
  • Internal Towers

What It Looks Like Before Passivation

before passivation before passivation 1

What It Looks Like After Passivation

after passivation after passivation 1

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