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Electropolishing & Passivation For Chicago, IL

Chicago has a rich history, a diverse culture and a proud reputation for hard work. It is one of the great American cities and has earned its place as an icon of Americana. With deep roots in industry and manufacturing, there is an endless need for industrial electropolishing, pickling and finishing services.

Note: Our passivation and electropolishing facility is centrally located in Kansas due to the ease of delivering and receiving pieces and parts from all over the country. Most companies mail or deliver by semi… parts, pieces and/or tanks to us for electropolishing and passivation. We also have a mobile passivation that drives to your location which covers a service area from coast to coast. Get a quote from us before going local just because they are closer.

Like the people of Chicago, Celco understands the value of good, quality work. In fact that is the foundation that our company was built on, and our reputation speaks for itself. You want the job done right, we get that. We feel the same way.

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Pickling & Passivation For Chicago’s Metal Factories

Electropolishing is such a new term that many machine facility owners and operators don’t know it yet, and even fewer know the full advantages of the process. Most people will use the terms metal finishing, polishing, pickling or passivation. You can read more about passivation for industries in Chicago like medical device manufacturing facilities.

Chicago is a hub for machine factories that routinely need their parts passivated or pickled. Learn more about pickling and passivation for Chicago machine shops here.