ISO 13485:2003


Electropolishing and Passivation of Stainless Steel and Cleaning for Oxygen Service


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Original Certification Date:


December 18, 2008


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Current Certification Date:


December 16, 2014


Issue Date:


November 21, 2014


Certificate Expiry Date:


December 15, 2017


Chris Jouppi


QMI-SAI Canada Limited


Celco, dba Central Electropolishing Co.

124 N. Lawerence, Anthony, Kansas 67003 USA  

Refer to Attachment to Certificate of Registration dated November 21, 2014 for additional certified sites


This is to certify that


operates a


which complies with the requirements of


for the following scope of registration


Quality Management System




Registered by:

SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd, 286 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia with QMI-SAI Canada Limited, 20 Carlson Court, Suite 200,

Toronto, Ontario M9W 7K6 Canada (SAI GLOBAL). This registration is subject to the SAI Global Terms and Conditions for Certification. While all due care

and skill was exercised in carrying out this assessment, SAI Global accepts responsibility only for proven negligence. This certificate remains the property

of SAI Global and must be returned to them upon request.

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ISO 13485


Samer Chaouk

Head of Policy, Risk and Certification




These sites are registered under Certificate No: CERT-0084772 issued on November 21, 2014



These registrations are dependent on Celco, dba Central Electropolishing

Co. (File No. 1502542) maintaining their scope of registration to ISO



File No.


Effective Date




Celco, dba Central Electropolishing Co.

124 N. Lawerence, Anthony, Kansas 67003 USA

Processes at this location:Production, Maintenance, Electropolishing and

Passivation, and Non-Conforming Product.


December 16, 2014




Celco, dba Central Electropolishing Co.

103 N. Lawrence, Anthony, Kansas 67003 USA

Dependent processes at this location: Management, Purchasing, Sales, QA/QC


December 16, 2014