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Central Electropolishing Company | Anthony, Kansas Born & Raised

The streets of Anthony, Kansas are quiet at night – in fact, they’re often quiet during the day. But down the side streets of our home town and in the rural areas surrounding us, business is always booming.

This is where, in 1986, Central Electropolishing Company was born as a small local service offering a new, exciting, and innovative means to polish and passivate metal – electropolishing. Central Electropolishing Company helped to pioneer the electropolishing service from right here in this beautiful small town.

From our humble roots here in Anthony, Kansas we have expanded to serve the entire nation with electropolishing service and other industrial finishing services, but we’ve never lost the small town heart that our company was founded with.

Electropolishing Large Scale With Small Town Values

Since our founding, Central Electropolishing Company has continued to grow. Why, you ask? Because our dedicated, hard-working spirit has never faltered, nor has our drive to do right by all of our customers. More than just the work we do, more than the electropolishing services we provide, Central Electropolishing Company is always centered on customer satisfaction.

Our workers and technicians understand that the components our customers send us are valuable, and we take every step available to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected. From start to finish, Central Electropolishing Company handles every part with the care and precision that our clients have come to expect.

We’d like all of our clients to know that we want to be more than just another electropolishing company on your contact list, we want to be a trusted resource and authority that you can always rely on. And we’re ready to prove just that.

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