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There is no end to the industrious spirit of the American worker, and Kansas highlights that fact perfectly. Farms and factories litter our heartland state, offering a huge percent of the state’s stable employment. Since 1986, Central Electropolishing Company has been proud to call Kansas home.

Kansas is known for industry, from large producers like Boeing and Case-New Holland, to small rural manufacturing plants. Our communities are strong and close-knit, built and thriving on the hard work and dedication of our factory workers.

Central Electropolishing Company’s Contribution To Kansas Industry

Forging and shaping the myriad of metal parts made in Kansas is a precise and often violent process. Newly made components often show the scars of manufacturing, and factories all around the nation – including Kansas – turn to Central Electropolishing Company for finishing.

Other parts, such as parts from the aircraft, marine, medical, and scientific industry, need to be resistant to corrosion and contamination. And once again, these industries turn to Central Electropolishing Company for our acclaimed industrial finishing services, including:

  • Electropolishing Services – The use of electrolytic chemicals to remove imperfections from metal surface, increasing its strength and corrosion resistance while imparting a smooth, mirror-like polish.
  • Passivation – The chemical process of making a metal surface more resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Oxygen Cleaning – The precision detail cleaning of components used for oxygen service to reduce the risk of fire or bad oxygen quality.
  • Aqueous Cleaning & Degreasing – The process of using water and cleaning chemicals to degrease and cleanse components.
  • Mechanical Finishing – Grinding, buffing, and polishing by hand to create a smooth and shiny metal surface.

We at Central Electropolishing Company are happy to offer the highest quality cutting-edge industrial finishing solutions to manufacturers in Kansas, the United States, and the rest of the world.

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Whether you’re in Kansas, the United States, or anywhere in the world, if you are in need of electropolishing services, passivation, oxygen cleaning, or any other industrial finishing solution, please contact our attentive service staff to learn more.