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Mobile Service Area – California

California's Top Skilled Electropolishing & Passivation Company Many of the manufacturers and industries in the California area, like aerospace and food and beverage, occasionally need electropolishing for passivating stainless steel parts, tanks and surfaces. Many companies don't even know what…

Portland – Mobile Passivation & Electropolishing

Portland Top Quality Electropolishing & Passivation Electropolishing is a process which electro-chemically strips off a thin layer of the base material, removing oxides, impurities and is an effective deburring process that removes any flecks of metal or contaminants that may…

Electropolishing With Elgiloy

Electropolishing For Elgiloy Metal The precision of the electropolishing process for Elgiloy metal is an advantage over mechanical polishing, which can lead to a noticeable decrease in the dimensions of a metal part, and it can be controlled to remove…

Kansas Small Business Award Winner

Owner of Kansas industrial polishing company wins Small Business Person of the Year award And it’s not going anywhere. His son and grandsons are all involved. Small Business Administrator – Linda McMahon – honored him Monday with the Small Business…
best school in kansas

Best Elementary School In Kansas

Best Elementary School In Kansas Looking for one of the best elementary schools in Kansas? Harper County has some of the best elementary schools and safest high schools in the state. The quality of elementary education plays a crucial role…