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Cleaning & Packaging of Machined Parts for Oxygen Service

Cleaning & Packaging of Machined Parts for Oxygen Service

While oxygen is in-and-of itself not flammable or explosive (except under compression), it acts as a combustion accelerator – meaning that it can turn even a tiny spark into a raging inferno. Improperly cleaning metal surfaces for oxygen may cause a vulnerability in the manufacturing or lab process, making a system more likely to catch fire or end up in an explosion. This is an unacceptable risk in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Other non-flammable materials, such as metal shavings, oils, waste, paper, fiber, dust, dyes, dirt and sand risk causing injury or irritation to people utilizing an oxygen feed as will likely aspirate any materials stirred up from a decompressing oxygen tank. And the residue left on the parts, if not properly cleaned for oxygen services, may result in a loss of production through friction burnout.

Metal machine parts moving together causes friction on surfaces, which wears the metal down and can cause rivets or cracks, which then may fill with debris or contaminant material.

How Cleaning For Oxygen Benefits Business Owners

For business owners, cleaning for oxygen services makes sense because of the increased level of safety, the decreased risk of friction which causes loss of product or product output times. It is far less expensive in the long run to have the metal chemical cleaned than to replace the metal with new pieces, it also means a higher safety level, which is why a lot of Quality Assurance Engineers recommend it.

In a pressurized environment, such as the cabin of an airplane, a small spark resulting from poor oxygen cleaning can have instantaneous and catastrophic effect, putting the entire aircraft in jeopardy.

For these reasons, it is always suggested any and all oxygen system components be properly maintained including:

  • Valves & Fittings
  • Pipes, Tubes, & Hoses
  • Assemblies
  • Heater Coils
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Housings
  • Gages

Have a question about oxygen services? Call Celco!

In an endeavor to help oxygen delivery across the United States offer safe, high quality oxygen cleaning to those in need, we have expanded our capabilities to include the service of parts to nearly any specification, shape, or size.

Can’t come to us or deliver your parts? We have a mobile service for electropolishing, passivation and cleaning for oxygen services that encompasses these location areas. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas, Oklahoma, Houston and Denver.

No job too big or too small. Quoted prices vary.

We can handle quantities from a surgeon needing 10 tubes for brain surgery mechanisms, to a food manufacturing plant needing 3,000-1,000,000 parts per year. The price depends on the part, the quantity and the metal. Send us your spec sheet and we can deliver a fast response.


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