Stainless Steel Monument Restoration & Polishing

Have a stainless steel monument, structure or building? Normal metal ages with time and can develop rust or gather microscopic debris that eventually forms stains on the metal.

The reason why the stainless steel ended up needing cleaned and developed rust in the first place is because the metal wasn’t truly pure, it was shaved by machine or by hand and polished by other metal that left cracks and crevices, which under a microscope look like hills and valleys of debris. Over time, other particles of dust and debris fill the cracks in, giving the metal a look of ‘old age’.

Passivating A Stainless Steel Monument, Boat Motor or Car Part

By passivating a stainless steel monument or piece of art, or even car parts… we can make the metal so pure and clean that it becomes virtually free of ever developing rust or getting stained.

  • Marine Boat Motors
  • Luxury Car Parts
  • Steel Monuments

We have a system called electropolishing, it’s a chemical cleaning of the metal that cleans the metal down to the microscopic level, leaving it extremely shiny and bright.

How Chemical Polishing Beats Metal Polishing

Because the chemical clean removes stains and rust down to the microscopic level, the metal actually begins to become passivated, which means that it is so smooth, future debris will, in a sense, just bounce off of the metal.