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How To Clean Pharmaceutical Pipes & Valves

How To Clean Pharmaceutical Pipes & Valves

Cleanliness is one of the most important parts of pharmaceutical industry. If not cleaned properly, pipes and valves can
harbor pollutants that can lead to cross contamination and recalls that cost time, money, and reputation.
It is important to make sure that the initial cleaning process is thorough so that the following cleanings can be done
with less man power and time needed.

The Main Cleaning For Pipes and Valves

  • Step 1: Cleaning and sanitation The pipes and valves need to be cleaned and degreased and then covered with sanitizer.
  • Step 2: Electropolishing Electropolishing immerses the metal parts in chemicals that have had an electrical current added to it. This changes the surface of the metal by removing burrs and mars in the surface leaving the surface completely smooth and without the threat of contaminants sticking to the surface.

Cleanings Following Electropolishing

There is only one step needed for normal maintenance after electropolishing is used. The pipes and valves can be cleaned with sanitizer and water because the previous process protects the metal from cross contamination. Also because you do not have to worry about imperfections hiding pollutants, cleanings require less manpower and sanitizer for protection.

Celco Can Ensure Your Pipes And Valves Are Cleaned Properly

Contact the professionals at CELCO today to make sure all of your metal parts are cleaned properly giving you peace of mind for now and the future.


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