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Highly Esthetic & Decorative Metal Finishing | Electropolishing

Decorative Metal Finishing | Electropolishing

We may joke about it, but it’s just another facet of human nature – we’re attracted to shiny things.  Some ancient and primal instinct forces our attention on anything that sparkles and shines.  That’s why gold, silver, and gems are so precious to us.  The glean and glitter of shiny things, in our minds, is synonymous with beauty and value.

But that attraction doesn’t have to be limited to highly expensive metals.  Electropolishing can turn many different metals into a bright and beautiful work of art to be appreciated by the masses.  Even a dull stainless steel sheet can be transformed into a silvery mirror with only a few minutes of electropolishing.

What Exactly Is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing is an inventive electro-chemical process that removes the imperfections in a metal surface that makes it seem dull and steals away its natural shine.  The natural peaks and valleys in metal surfaces, combined with iron deposits and a myriad of other flaws, cloaks the true beauty of metal.  Electropolishing strips these flaws away with a combination of chemicals and electricity.

The electropolishing process turns a metal object into a powerful electromagnet that expels imperfections from its surface into a chemical bath.  After a few minutes (and a quick rinse), the metal piece is left smooth, corrosion resistant, and, of course, so shiny you can see yourself in it.

Why You Should Choose Electropolishing

There are many functional benefits of electropolishing, which you can read about in The Benefits Of Electropolishing. However, strictly from an esthetics standpoint:

  • Electropolishing reduces the onset of rust and corrosion.
  • Electropolished metal attracts less dust and dirt as is generally easier to clean.
  • Electropolishing does not create fine “brushing lines” like mechanical finishing.
  • Electropolished metal has a very deep shine, and often a mirror-like reflectivity.
  • Electropolishing creates a luster that is both uniform and smooth.


If you’ve ever seen a metal item (such as a tools or hardware) that seems to shine like new forever, chances are it has been through the electropolishing process.

Central Electropolishing Co.’s Claim To Fame

Electropolishing is our specialty – we even put it in our name!  Since 1983, we’ve been creating the unparalleled sheen and shine of electropolished metal.  Medium and high volume orders, any shape or size, CELCO can handle it with our advanced procedures and state-of-the-art facilities.

Contact CELCO’s friendly customer service staff for a quote today, and see how beautiful your manufactured metal goods can be.


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