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What Is Clear Zinc Plating

What Is Zinc Plating? Note: We are often asked if we do zinc plating or plating of metal alloys'. We do not do any metal plating, plating is a totally different science than electropolishing and a different chemical handling procedure…

Steel Monument Restoration

Stainless Steel Monument Restoration & Polishing Have a stainless steel monument, structure or building? Normal metal ages with time and can develop rust or gather microscopic debris that eventually forms stains on the metal. The reason why the stainless steel…

Mechanical Polishing Vs Electropolishing

Know The Difference Between Mechanical Polishing vs Electropolishing How does mechanical polishing different from electropolishing? Mechanical polishing is more like a process of burning chemicals into the metal, it overlaps itself, possibly covering microscopic. Mechanical polishing is a rough process…

What Is The Electrochemical Process

What Is The Electrochemical Process Electrochemical process is a chemical change that results from an electrical current being applied. What Types Of Changes Come From The Electrochemical Process The process separates the different elements in materials. For example: Aluminum separates…

What Is Pickling & Passivation

What Is Pickling &¬†Passivation Pickling and passivation are two forms of chemical metal finishing that provide protective properties to metal especially against rust. Or in other terms, pickling and passivation are the name of the two processes where the metal…