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What Is Clear Zinc Plating

What Is Zinc Plating?

Note: We are often asked if we do zinc plating or plating of metal alloys’. We do not do any metal plating, plating is a totally different science than electropolishing and a different chemical handling procedure so we cannot afford or are equipped with the facility space to handle both electropolishing and plating at the same time.

It’s development started during the 1980’s with the first alkaline Zn/Fe (99.5%/0.5%) deposits and Zn/Ni (94%/6%) deposits.

In recent years the reinforcement of the corrosion of major European car makers and the End of Life Vehicles Directive required greater use of alkaline Zn/Ni containing between 12 and 15% Ni (Zn/Ni 86/14).

Only Zn/Ni (86%/14%) is an alloy while lower content of iron, cobalt and nickel leads to co-deposits. Zn/Ni (12%-15%) in nickel in acidic and alkaline electrolytes is plated as the gamma crystalline phase of the binary diagram Zn-Ni.

Zinc Plating For Combating Corrosion Of Steel

Zinc plating is a very valuable tool when used in combating the corrosion of steel.

Zinc acts as a sacrificial anode for protecting iron (steel). A metallurgical bond is formed between the zinc and steel forming an iron rich alloy with tenacious bond.

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