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Mechanical Polishing Vs Electropolishing

Know The Difference Between Mechanical Polishing vs Electropolishing

How does mechanical polishing different from electropolishing?

Mechanical polishing is more like a process of burning chemicals into the metal, it overlaps itself, possibly covering microscopic. Mechanical polishing is a rough process used to remove scratches, gouges and other damage from surfaces. There are many fields needing this process in order to be compliant with ASME-BPE surface standards.

Companies needing a more serious degree of confidence, and armed with the right knowledge, would instead consider getting electropolishing.

Why Electropolishing Is Better Than Metal Polishing

Mechanical polishing doesn’t remove all the surface debris like electropolishing, electropolishing is an acid bath using electricity and certain chemicals that cleans the surface of the metal, usually stainless steel, to leave a polished, mirror-like shine which is so free of burrs, vapor stains and microscopic particles that the metal is considered ‘passivated’. Passivation is a term given to a metal that has become so clean and free of debris that it is considered ‘frictionless’.

Frictionless Steel & Metal: Passivation

Frictionless steel and metal, especially in a metal factory or processing plant, can reduce yield and manufacturing timers for products and parts by a significant amount. Many companies use electropolishing over mechanical finishing for the long lasting effects. Electropolishing can leave stainless steel, and some other metals, cleaner and more passive than when the part or piece was brand new.

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