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How Much Does Electropolishing Cost


How Much Does It Cost To Electropolish Stainless Steel?


There is no way to determine an estimate without seeing or going over your specifications first.  We’ve done thousands of jobs for hundreds of companies over the past 30 years, no two jobs ever exactly the same.

We aren’t the least expensive and we aren’t the most expensive. Our detailed top notch quality in workmanship pays off in the long run, usually even over a ‘cheaper’ price somewhere else. Cheaper usually means worse quality.

We have plenty of stories where someone came to us with a spec., and after we helped them get the details together with a quote, they took the revised spec. and went to another company simply due to the cheap price. They then had to bring the pieces back to us, asking for a discount since the completed work done by the other company was not to standard or still couldn’t pass Quality Assurance measures and now they are out of a good amount of money.

What Is Celco’s Electropolishing Capacity?

We have a very large facility. We have done orders for small dental and medical devices as small as 1-7 pieces.

We’ve also done orders of over 1,000,000 pieces of pipes and tubing, as well as large tanks and tubes that need to be electropolished on-site or delivered to us via trailers.

What Timeframes Can I Expect For Work To Be Done?

It greatly depends on…

  • How many pieces there are
  • What size they are
  • And if we are just electropolishing the outer or inner or both sides of the piece

What If I Need Rush Delivery?

  • Normal turnaround depends of size, quantity, shape, inner/outer and finish-type.
  • If you need a turnaround of 3-5 days, we charge about 30% more than the quoted price.
  • If it is 24 hours turn-around we normally charge about 50% more than of the quoted price.

Why the extra fee? Because we have to pull an extra crew in and/or pull people off of another job.

Can I Mail My Metal Pieces, Parts & Tubes To Celco?

Yes. We do most orders via mail.  FOB shipping to Anthony, KS, call for a custom quote.  In many cases it may be less expensive to outsource to us than to do it yourself or hire a local electropolishing company.

Will Celco Come To Me To Perform The Electropolishing Service?

Yes, call us at 866-806-2325 or use our contact form for a consultation of your specifications.



VIJAY NAIRFebruary 14, 2023 at 3:26 amReply

We have 100 nos of SS316 1/4″ OD Ball valves purchased from one of the supplier but now we understand that customer wants us to supply these with Electropolishing !!
So we would like to know how much would be the COST and Turnaround time for getting the valves Electropolished ?
Bob BurnoppApril 4, 2023 at 7:41 pmReply

I have 50 horn bars that are mounted on 64-66 Buick wood steering wheels. The horn bars activate the cars horn. If I could send a picture I can do so. I want to electro polish them.

Vancouver ElectropolishingAugust 16, 2023 at 12:03 amReply

Celco’s electropolishing cost breakdown is a useful resource for companies trying to improve their metal finishing procedures. Vancouver Electropolishing The pricing considerations discussed in this piece provide light on the subject and assist decision-makers in making wise decisions. Anyone looking to maximize their production costs without sacrificing quality should read this.

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