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Electropolishing For Bicycle Parts

Electropolishing For Bicycles & Bicycle Parts

We recently got a request to electropolish stainless steel parts for bicycles. Do we electropolish steel pieces and parts for bicycles? The answer is Yes, of course. At our facility we have the capability of electropolishing any piece of metal, in odd shapes and sizes.

Why Would You Want Your Bicycle Parts Electropolished?

Longevity. Stainless steel that has been electropolished does not rust. The metal has been chemically treated to remove at a microscopic level, all the impurities. Whereas you would normally do metal finishing and polishing, this goes a step beyond the ordinary.

Electropolishing pieces and parts of a bicycle means that it will never rust and always have an amazing mirror like shine.

Can I Mail My Metal Bicycle Pieces & Parts To Celco?

Yes. We do most orders via mail. FOB shipping to Anthony, KS, call for a custom quote. In many cases it may be less expensive to outsource to us than to do it yourself or hire a local electropolishing company.

If you want a quote on the cost of electropolishing, contact us.


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