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Electropolishing | Pipes & Elbows

Electropolishing For Pipes & Elbow Metal Parts

Celco offers a range of fine high quality services such as mechanical finishing, passivation for metal surfaces and
other types of chemical cleaning for stainless steel pipes and elbows, particularly in industries that require a higher
degree of quality assurance and perfection work. Here below is a list of industries..

There is no way to determine an estimate without seeing or going over your specifications first.  We’ve done thousands
of jobs for hundreds of companies over the past 30 years, no two jobs ever exactly the same.

We aren’t the least expensive and we aren’t the most expensive. Our detailed top notch quality in workmanship pays off
in the long run, usually even over a ‘cheaper’ price somewhere else. Cheaper usually means worse

What Is Celco’s Electropolishing Capacity For Pipes & Elbow Parts?

We have a very large facility. We have done orders for small dental and medical
devices as small as 1-7 pieces.

We’ve also done orders of over 1,000,000 pieces of pipes and tubing, as well as large tanks and tubes that need to be
electropolished on-site or delivered to us via trailers. See this page for the costs.

Can I Mail My Metal Pieces, Parts & Tubes To Celco?

Yes. We do most orders via mail.  FOB shipping to Anthony, KS, call for a custom quote.  In many cases it may be less
expensive to outsource to us than to do it yourself or hire a local electropolishing company.


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